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Classical music

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St.Petersburg Philharmonic : grand hall and small hall: on the same site
Marjinskji Opera and Ballet
* Kapella
* Smolnji (in russian)

Check St.Petersburg times for events: (select: arts — features — events)

We recommend Jussupov Palais, Beloserskji Palais and Hermitage Theater for classical concerts. Unfortunately they are not regularly

Cultural Activities

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Weather in St.Petersburg
  • Ливневый дождь с грозой
    18°C / 11°C
  • Дождь
    19°C / 11°C
  • Преимущественно солнечно
    18°C / 10°C

Rate of Russian ruble

Daily rate of foreign exchange of the central bank of the Russian Federation on 23.10.2017
СurrencyAmountРубль RUB
Доллар США USD157.5118
Евро EUR167.8927
Фунт стерлингов Соединенного королевства GBP175.5302